• Spin'n it out.

    Both myself and Carl had to work today. I was a the shop, and he was setting up the race course for tomorrows XC race north of town. Since we were both hang'n on our feet all day we decided to just go out and spin it out. Nothing like a bit of fresh Iowa farm land air. Carl also tried to get in some 24 hour racing specific training in. I tried not to laugh too loud.

    Head'n out with the Swiss National Champ. Yep, were are in Iowa. See the corn silly?

    Check it out! The Swiss Champ is also a big fan of Tifosi Optics and Bell Sweep Road Lids. What's so funny? Huh?

    This is what's funny! It's the worlds largest cow on a trailer. What's even better yet is RAGBREI...I mean RAGBRAI is spelled wrong. RAGBRAI is what Iowa is most famous for. That...and John "The Duke" Wayne.

    This is funny too! Iowa has a meth problem. Hmmm, I wonder why. Is it because the main ingredient is already mounted on a trailer with a hitch.
    Back up. Attach. Drive away. Geez!

    So Pro Carl then went into his specific 24 hour training. It goes something like this...Eat....

    ...followed by the Donkey Tuck...

    ...followed by more eating. He is on to something here!

    So that was our nice little ride. I learned alot from So Pro Carl today. Thanks buddy!

    In other news...
    Here is a picture of the 2006 Giant Anthem. It's supposed to replace the tried and true NRS design. I really do not have much info on this hot little rig yet. All I know is it is going to be using the newly introduced Giant Maestro suspension platform. Stay tuned. InterBike is coming up fast.

    Geography Quiz: Name the Iowa city in which this home sits. It appears that the owner is removing the pool from the back to make way for a vert ramp. Where is this? Sound off!

    There is a industry review of the new Cateye Triple Shot. I personally don't think the picture of the beam shows the real light out-put. Good review!

    For Sunday...
    Riding up to the race course at 6:30 AM to turn some laps. Ride home to be back to work by 11:30 AM. Run the shop. Go home. Plan the attack for the 3rd Annual Iowa 24 Hour Race.

    I wonder how the 24 Hours of Afton went? Chuck? Scott? Craigness?