• Putz'n

    Spent this AM spinning the legs out at the park. Was a bit cool...51 degree. Had to throw on the long sleeve for the 1.5 hour spin around. Legs felt really good after having the old dudes lay the wood to me last night.

    I was pretty surprised to see no traffic. Normally, this pace is full of runners, and cyclist in the early morning. Must have been too cold. Was JY out here today? How about Carl?

    Speeds were high. Look out! 12 mph. At this speed squirrels will pass you. And little old ladies on motorized scooters.

    The ride ended with a spin to downtown Cedar Falls. Not much go'n down here either. There were some people sip'n joe at Cup of Joe, but not much else happening.

    1/2 of the engine for World's.

    Rest of the day is shop time. Going to start taking NRS's into get them prep'd for World's. Have to run around town and do some stuff and get some design work finalized.

    So, who's race'n at Ingawanis this weekend? Would like to, if I can find someone to cover for me at the shop.