• Gear'n Up

    I am pretty much finished getting ready for the Iowa 24. I have both Giant NRS's cleaned and tuned. I have Maxxis MiMo 2.0 mounted on both bikes. All the batteries for the Cateye "shot" lights are charged. And I just got back from getting some food for the race. What did I get you ask? We'll here is a rundown...
    • Balance Bars
    • Power Bars
    • Clif Bars
    • Mini Bagels
    • PB & J
    • Pringles
    • Ramen
    • Gatorade Endurance
    • Fig Bars
    • Gallon Jugs of Water
    • Pop Tarts
    • Coke
    Other items that I had on hand that will go along are...

    Another item that I have become attatched to during the last few 24's is the ThermaCare back warmers. It helps a ton when the lower back starts to get sore. Just unleash this guy from its package and it instantly starts to warm. You then wrap it around your waist and enjoy lower back warmth for 8 hours!

    The rest of my gear will get loaded up on Friday...then I will head to Boone on Saturday in the early AM. I am way pumped to go back to this venue. Lots of good trail and super people throw'n an awesome party!

    What else happened today....
    I spent a good amount of time at the shop. Did a boat load of repairs, and assembled Mr. Saul's new 2006 dirt sled by that one company that I cannot talk about since it was not a Giant. It's a sweet bike. I'd ride it. G-Ted has some pictures of the build.

    After work it was to Wal-Mart for race food. That place is a zoo. I went and even looked for some Monkey's for the 24 hours race just like Monkeytron. But...no luck.

    Went and got gas in the car. Did it today since gas is rumored to go up another 20 cents. GASP!

    No bike. Today is my day off for the week. Tomorrow is the road group ride. I'll be there on the road bike to get in a few hard efforts before Boone.

    That's all for now.