• Brake Love.

    El Camino is Spanish for...
    Holy Crap! These are the gratest disc brakes ever made by Hayes!

    I was finally able to get out after work to hit up some Iowa singletrack to spin the legs and push out a few hard 15-30 second hard effort bursts. During this time I did some fine tuning of the Hayes El Camino's. Normally this is something that has to be done in the shop. But with all the external on the fly adjustments, it allows you to do it while raging down the trail. Bonus! So the brakes are good to go for Whistler.

    Next few days will be spent getting stuff ready for the road trip. Packing...cleaning bikes...installing tires...lubing...check...and rechecking. The time is drawing near for one of the best events and venues of all time.

    So, the rest of the evening will be spent surfing the net till 6 PM then it's off to run some errands. Then the Whizbang Roast at the Other Place eatery.

    Don't forget about these 2 primo local events coming up!
    Camp Ingawanis XC on August 28
    Iowa's 3rd Annual 24 Hour Race over Labor Day weekend.