• Wahoo! 4th of July!

    Yipee! Day off from work and small explosions! Doesn't get better than that. Here in Iowa, fireworks are against the law. So, most Iowans make the yearly trip to either of the bording states...MO, WI, and/or SD...to pick up the much needed explosive items. So I have a choice...go watch the fireworks display put on by the town of Cedar Falls....or....sit in my apartment and wait for the blood curling scream to come from my neighbors who have a large supply of illeagally smuggled fireworks. I think I will wait for the screaming to begin.

    Not much planned for today. There is a group ride at 8:30 AM which I will attend and ride at a conservative pace. Tuesday will be my hard day before the 12 hour race this weekend. After that, I am going to chill out and work on some design work for the shop and the 24 Hours of Seven Oaks. By the way, you really should do that 24 hour race over Labor Day weekend. Last year the solo winner took home $500 for the win. Find another event that does that! Info should be posted HERE soon. Plus the course kicks arse!

    Time to change into the superman outfit...put on the mask...and rid the world of big ring mashers. I am off to ride my sled.

    Don't forget to spin.