• I am speechless...

    So this AM, 6 of us went out for a moist 50 miles. No, not moist because of the rain. But rather because of the 200% humidity. The ride was good. I kept the HR very low till the last 4 miles when Mr. Robert Fry decided that we must race back into town at 27 mph. That sure got the blood flow'n. Thanks buddy! God, I love Iowa.

    Then I come home to see who scored the win at the Tour. I was betting on Boonen again, and gee-wiz, he did it again. I am on a roll. I should start playing the lottery.

    Then there is this!

    Some dude thunders down 49 hot dogs in 12 minutes. I am not sure what to say. I think I would ask him these questions...
    • Way to go...Buddy?
    • Hows your belly?
    • Do you need a bucket?
    • So when is the Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest?
    • Do you know how long it takes for meat to digest?
    • Did you know that hot dogs are made of pig lips and ass holes?
    • Whould you like a cold beverage? How about nice cold glass of Exlax?
    • Do you own a plunger?
    • Did you know that you are currently carrying around 22 pounds of undigested crap in your colon?
    • Do chicks did the the competitive eating thing?

    Wow! That is all I can say about that. I keep looking at that picture above, and I am trying to figure out if that girls mouth is full of food, or is she in mid-vomit and that the picture was snapped right went food was exiting.

    Fireworks! Nothing like blowing things up. THIS might be the coolest book ever. Then there is THIS. And THIS (gotta love the name!). This LINK is really informative. Then to top off the evening there is THIS. What's even better, is the fact that I am giggling as I am reading through these websites.