• Take'n 'er easy.

    It's nice to just chill out for once. The rides the last 2 days have been super easy....about 120 HR and 2 hours on the saddle at a time. Work on the other hand is extreme chaos! Lots of bikes to build, lots of people coming in the door, and lots of new bikes being sold. Just hope it keeps going in this direction. Just think, the Tour hasn't even started, and we are busy! Wahooooooo!

    Speaking of the Tour...
    Our shop is turning into a "Tour Hang Out Spot". We have a whole section of the shop dedicated to road bikes, Discovery Channel team, and the Trek Lucky 7 Sweepstakes. We even have a DVD running the Road To Paris. It's pretty interesting to watch. It takes you behind the scenes to see how a Pro Tour team functions. I highly recommend it to any cycling fan.

    In non bike related news...
    I noticed on the way home from South Dakota that the steering wheel shakes a bit when cruising between 60 and 70 mph. Must have a tire out of alignment. So next Thursday I am taking it in to have it checked out. Hope it is nothing major.

    Last night we had some crazy storms move through the area. On my ride today, I noticed a lot of the corn blown down. Plus, the ditches have like 5 feet of water in them. Even the bike trail in town is under water. This sucks! Now the blood sucking mosquitos are going to flurish.

    That is all for now. Time to head off to the shop till 8 bells. Still trying to figure out what I am going to do on the 4th for a ride.