• Wet commute and training info.

    Hello everybody!

    Yesterdays workout was good, but the commute home sucked! Went to the YMCA thinking it wasn't going to rain till mid afternoon. After all, that is what the internet and weatherman said. Anywho.....I commuted to the YMCA by the singlespeed, with no rain gear. 15 minutes into my 2 hour stairmaster workout, the skies unleashed their furry, and it has not let up yet. It's been raining for 12 hours straight. It's supposed to continue for the next day or so. After my workout I had to huff it home all soaking wet. NOT FUN! I hope not to catch a cold.

    Today, it's back to the "Y" to finish up week 2 of my 3 week "prep" period. I am feeling very motivated, which is a good thing in November. I am planning on hitting up the bike workouts come December 4th. That is when the indoor group rides begin. They are held at The House of Pain, otherwise known as Congdon Printing. These rides rock......about 15 people all suffering with one thing in mind.....Kill the group rides come spring.

    Now for some more important training information. Below is a list of overtraining indicators.....both physical and behavioral.

    Reduced Performance
    Constant Fatigue
    Weight Change
    Increased Thirst
    Morning HR Change
    Muscle Soreness
    Swollen Lymph Glands
    Decreased Exercise HR
    Slow Healing of Cuts

    Poor Concentration
    Changes in Sleep Pattern
    Decreased Libido
    Craving for Sugar

    That is it for now. I am off to lift weights. Remember to rest as hard as you train!

    I wonder what the Salsa Queen is up to?