• This might happen!

    I have been in contact with Rich G. up in Decorah about running the Epic Across Iowa the same weekend as the Decorah Time Trails.....April 25ish. What I have in mind is starting the race on the West side of the state on Saturday at Sunrise.....the Hawarden area, and racing on Iowa gravel roads to Decorah and end up finishing in the same spot the Time Trail finishes on the river bottom on Sunday. Right now the folks in Decorah are pump'd with this idea. There will be an entry fee....but a small one. It will help pay for course markings, maps for racers, and number plates. This will be an "on your own" style of event, similar to the Great Divide Race. What myself and the people of Decorah need to know, is how many people are interested in this???? If people want to do this, I will put in the effort to get it going!!!! Please post a "Comment" if you are.