• Rage'n 1 X 1


    I just got to the shop after spending the last 2 hours rage'n around out at G.W. on Carlos's Surly 1x1. What a barrel of fun! One thing is for sure, a single speed will tell you how efficient of a rider you are. If you brake too early or late, you will lose momentum. If you have terrible form, you might as well throw the bike in the river. It was super warm out also during the ride....a balmy 33 degrees. I thought about going sleeveless.

    Needless to say, I think my form is good enough, cause I had no problems flying through the woods on this thing. It felt like I was going just as fast I as I would if I would of had my NRS or XTC. I do have a new found respect for anyone that has raced a solo 24 hour race on one of these things. You guys are freaks!

    I have to work at the shop today again. That is where I am at right now, getting things organized and prepared for hopefully some pre X-MAS madness. Tomorrow, I start my last week of "Prep phase", then it's onto Max strength phase. This week will be a bit messed up with T-Day coming up. I work pretty much everyday this week but T-Day. I hope to stay on track with good eating habits and a moderate activity level. Stay tuned.