• Race Across Iowa input.

    Myself and Guitar Ted are really push'n this. We have come up with some good ideas. We have thought about starting in Hawarden in the west side of the state and race'n gavel to Lansing or Decorah. Maybe run this in conjunction with the Decorah Time Trails. Once we get this go'n I am going to request prizes from the sponsors of Cateye Enduro. Anyone have any thoughts? Comments? A date to run the event? We were thinking starting sunrise on a Saturday and have to finish by midnight on Sunday. The dates to run the event is the hardest thing now. I don't want to mix it up with the WEM Series, etc. I am looking at a $10 fee per rider. Why? To help pay for course markings. Any extra cash left over will go to the Camp Ingawanis Mountain Bike Aux. to promote mnt biking to the youth.

    Lets hear your thoughts and ideas!!!!!!

    I had another thought while sitting in the car for 2 hours driving home to Algona......How about a 120ish mile epic gravel grinder race run the same weekend as the Decorah Time Trials? This would utilize the gravel roads in the NE part of the state. Tons of climbing.....it would be an epic 6-8 hour event. There will already be a mountain bike event happening on Sunday. Run the race on Saturday? Thoughts?