• Next phase and "The Race"

    Hope everybody survived Thanksgiving, and didn't over eat. It was a success for me!

    Anyway, today I start my next phase for my annual training plan. I am now going to be working towards my "max" when I left certain weights. Also, bike time will start to take over the non-bike cardio work. I am going to start honing skills on the bike such as leg speed, force, and moderate endurance.

    I am also pretty pumped about the Trans-Iowa race. More people than I thought are interested. I have contact certain Iowa people and sponsors regarding support and shwag for this event. I know, that this event could be pretty big the first year, but to keep all the "hype" out of it, I am going to keep it small......2 words........field limit! Myself and Guitar Ted are in the process of punching out the details, and hope to have it set in stone very soon. This event will be unlike anything you have done. I have been in contact with the great Mike Curiak. For those who don't know who Mike is, he is from Colorado and won the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race last year by setting a new course record of 15 days! He has express much interest. If he shows you better "mark" him to win. When the details are available I will get a blog-website up and running with all the information.....STAY TUNED! Make sure if you have any suggestions for the race to post a comment or e-mail me. This event is for "US"

    Other than those 2 things, there is not a whole lot going on. Work is off-and-on busy with holiday shopping, and I am training.

    I wonder if it is ever going to snow?