• Guitar Ted's Random Thoughts

    Hey! Random thoughts for your Monday am.

    1. Agree with Jeff on the weight thang! As a former racer myself, I can attest to the heartbreak that lightweight parts can bring. Especially for enduro type racing. You should consider all your bikes parts in that way. Are they "enduro"? Is it moto? Could an elephant sit on your bike, and the bike still be ridable? Well........maybe that's going too far!

    2. It's trainer season. Make sure you don't sweat your bike into oblivion! Sweat kills bike parts, and can even damage paint, and anodized surfaces. Especially if you have "corrosive" sweat. I mean, sweat that is beyond the normal bio-hazard standards. You know who you are! Anyway, protect your bike. Use a fan on your self, to help your body stay cooler. Use a towel, or rag to protect areas where your sweat drips down. Top tube, stem, and handlebars would be prime areas. If you use rollers, you may not want, or be able to use a towel, or rag. Just make sure you get your bike cleaned up as soon as possible after every training session. You wouldn't go to bed after training without a shower, would you? WAIT! Don't answer that one! I don't want to know!

    3. Bike Magazine has a website that has a mechanics thread on their board that looks like it might be of interest to those of you with gear head questions. Also, don't forget MTB Review, and Harris Cyclery"s website, featuring Sheldon Brown. Good stuff for the up coming dark days of winter!

    4. Have pink headset. Looking for long term relationship with an 1-1/8th headtube. Must be handsome, burly, and 29" compatable. Send suggestions to comment section, below, or call 867-5309.

    5. Weight Weenie tip that won't bite you someday on a long ride or race. Electrical tape rim strip. Have used this for years. Of course, Velox cloth tape still rules!

    6. Must...resist.....Thanksgiving Day! Ahh! Food overload! It buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrns!

    7. It must suck to work in a sanitation plant the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    What I Say: Have a good Turkeyday! Remember- it's not about food! Hug a loved one! Chill out for a day! Have some fun! Last weeks musical clue was from the monolog before Detroit, Rock City, by Kiss. Come on! Can anyone get this weeks clue?