• Guitar Ted In Random Mode

    Well, I'm back. A survivor of Thanksgiving food carnage! Back to you all in Random Mode again! The biggest reason for this is this #@*< race thing! It's takin' over my brain! The worst possible thing to do to me is to give me a map, and ask me to plan out a bicycle route! Black hole! I'm sucked in again! Thanks alot, Jeff. So, in no particular order, ( that's why it's called, like RANDOM dude!), are my current thoughts. Mostly pertaining to this #@*< race!

    1. Gravel. Is this not, like, the STATE ROCK of Iowa? That would make sparrows our state bird, right?

    2. Red wing blackbirds. If you do this race, you may get to know these feathered terrorists!

    3. Snow. It's teasing us again. Like it's going to be a "real" winter. Ha! Cold, yes. Snow? Yeah, rrrriiiiight! Maybe, it'll snow a ton just before the race, in April. That way it'll be real gooey, slimey, and gritty! What fun!

    4. Bonus! By researching the route for this race, I'll know the location of every convenience store in the northern third of Iowa! Pork rinds and processed beef products! Beer! Cigarettes! Surly, overweight, bored employees! Think of the possibilities.

    5. I wonder how many gravel miles I'm going to pile up checkin' this route out? Enough to drive me crazy? Crazy, well that's how it goes.

    6. Christmas shopping. I hope it picks up this year. Otherwise I may be an overweight, surly, bored convenience store employee!

    What I Say: Get your ideas in to Jeff, or myself PRONTO! We will be finalizing this ASAP. I want to be able to get this route tucked away before the new year. Volunteers? Anyone not interested in riding, but would like to help out is VERY WELCOME! Cheese Queen? Salsa Queen? Whatta-ya say?
    Last weeks musical cue was the phone number! Way to go to those who guessed it! Tommy Tu-tone's "Jenny- 867-5309" was it. Try again this week!
    Remember. Gravel! It's quite good on toast, actually. Guitar Ted! OUT!