• Eat Turkey....Get Sleepy.

    Hope everybody has plans for the feast of Thanksgiving. Me, I am heading back to Algona to hang with the Fam.....watch the Tour mega marathon on OLN.....eat......and get in a bit of bike riding. It will be short live'd, cause I have to high tail it back to Cedar Falls to babysit the shop while people come in and pick out those X-Mas gifts.

    Anyone interested in racing across the state in early May?

    Today, I went to the YMCA for more cardio. Did a 30 minute brisk walk on the treadmill. Then I followed it up with 2 hours of moderate high speed intervals. These are intervals that go for one song on the radio followed by one song on the radio recovery. This lasts for.....you guessed it....2 hours. Then I hopped on the bike and rode the single track through G.W. on the way home. I am ready to move onto the next phase.

    Anyone else want to suffer, while racing across the state?

    My Cateye Enduro teammate, Sloane, updated his blog again. He further discusses that in order to get fast you need to ride in the snow while dressed like a robins egg. See it HERE.

    400+ miles....gravel roads...no entry fee....hillbillies in trucks.....dogs....evil midgets...Who's interested?

    Pre-season gear and bikes keep showing up at the shop. That is good, cause we need stuff at the shop to sell. People have been coming in hunt'n down those X-Mas gifts, but not buying think we are going to put them on sale the day after T-Day.......right!

    The 2005 endurance race season is starting to get set in stone. Go to this website for best list.
    Endurance race list is here.

    Come Spring time you might want to hit up the local Brevet Series here in Iowa for some good base miles. What's a Brevet you ask? A Brevet is a long ass road ride.....and I mean long! Check it out HERE.

    Winter is coming......will you be ready? Click HERE to get ready!

    OK, I have wasted enough of your time and mine. Thanks for reading.


    Sure you don't want to help make Iowa an epic?