• Eat turkey with Lance Armstrong.....I'm there dude!

    After you get down porking out on all the Thanksgiving treats, plop down on the couch and tune into OLN for alittle Tour De France action. And yes, watchng the Tour does count towards your annual training hours. For more information head over to OLN TV.

    Thanksgiving Day
    Tour de France Marathon
    Join OLN for the most exciting stages
    of the 2004 Tour de France.

    Wed., Nov. 24
    9pm - 2am ET

    Thur. Nov. 25
    4pm - 11pm ET / 1am - 3am ET

    The Lance Armstrong Interview

    Thur. Nov. 25
    11pm - 1am ET

    Note: Schedule subject to change. Last updated: 11/2/2004