• Moab Day 1 and many thanks!

    Hello from Moab! Let me start by saying thanks to a few people.

    First, a big thank you to Kyle Sedore and family for housing me on Sunday evening after the "Larry". The accomedations were 4 star! Plus, he has a cat, and the cat uses the toilet......The cat is too good for a litter box. Rock on cat!

    Secondly, thanks to the gentlemen who refused to give me his name, but gave me some "funds" to help along the way to Moab. Thanks man! You rock!
    Lastly, a big thanks from the Des Moines crowd for the words of encouragement and well wishes. I even got a to talk to "Squirrel". And what's up with Sterling gaining 5 lbs?

    Now for the good stuff.....

    Had a good drive out. Had a delay for about an hour do to a car accident on I-70 by Vail. The had to shut the interstate down to land a helicopter on the road. Pretty cool to watch. I made it about 5o miles from Moab on the first day. I slept under a picnic table at the first Utah rest stop on Monday. Thank God for degree ratings on sleeping bags, cause it got cold.

    I got up on Tuesday and finished off the next 50 miles to Moab. I got into town where I meet up with David from Cateye, and Wes and family from WTB at La Quinta, our hotel.

    After a feww words of howdy and hello, we geared up at went out and raged at Slickrock for 3 hours. It was a good time. Wes from WTB was on a singlespeed.....dude's an animal! After the ride we came back and eat some grub.

    Later in the evening we went back out to Slickrock to test the new lights. I wish I could tell you all about them, but they are in the hush-hush stages for a while. I can tell you that there is nothing else like in in the cycling market today. We did numerous tests, including speed, climbing, and descending by setting the center of the beam at different angles. We would go out and do each test, and then give feedback on which angle was better. We did this with the new cateye and a competitor brands light. David at Cateye said that they still need to get the beam width and output nailed down.

    Well that's about it for today. I am a bit tired, so if there are any spelling errors, just blame it on that. Time to hit the sack. Oh, by the way.....gas is overpriced! It averages for $2.09!

    I wonder what Carlos is doing......