• Mechanics Corner: Lube Techniques

    Hello to all! Just want to take this opportunity to wish Jeff well on his travels, and especially for this weekends up coming 24hr. slog at Moab, Utah. Go Jeff!
    Okay! Calming down now. Lube! It is what makes life for you and your bike easier, cleaner, quieter, and FASTER! Do it right, and enjoy extended cycling nirvana. Do it wrong, ( or not at all), and endure fiery hell calamity, with occaisional wallet hemoraging.
    The chain be the main place where lube should rain, not in the plains of Spain! Let me 'splain. You see, most of us would lube that chain, and then go for a ride. BZZZZT! Wrong! There is a better way. When riding, your chain is spinning mighty fast. So, all that high tech gobble-de-gook you just put on your chain is being flung all about. It is not staying on your chain. Better to lube when your bike is going to sit for awhile afterward.
    Clean, then marinate: First off, don't lube dirt! What?-you say. I say, clean the chain first. Yes, every time you lube! It is easier if you have some sort of "quick-link" connector for your chain. Then you can remove the chain to clean it. Otherwise, do the best you can while it's on the bike. Use a chain cleaner system, or brushes and rags with de-greaser. Dry with compessed air, (watch out! use saftey glasses! Really!) or wipe down and let air dry. Once the chain is clean, lube the chain on the "inside run" of the chain. In other words- the side of the chain that comes in contact with the teeth on the cogs. The teeth on your chainwheel/cogs will get some lube, but most importantly the teeth will help work the lube into the guts of your chain and may even push some dirt out through the top part of the chain. (i.e.- the outer side of the chain) Use a liberal amount of your favorite lube, and when finished wipe off the excess. Now, let it soak in for awhile- a good long while!.
    What I Say: Get in the practice of lubing your chain, cables, and other moving bits on a regular basis. Especially after really dirty/ muddy/ rainy rides! Use a multi-purpose lube like Finishline Cross Country lube, (Jeff's fave!) Tri-Flow, or Hippie Slick Chain Sauce. (My personal fave! Check out www.hippieslick.com)
    There be more a-cummin'! Jeff will be rather, shall we say....otherwise occupied this week! So I will fill you in on a couple more lubing techniques through-out the week. Don't be dis-chordant!Stay Tuned!