• All pack'd up...

    This will most likely be my last blog till I get to Moab, unless I am ahead of schedule and stop at some coffee/cyber cafe to write a few words from the road. I already have the car pack'd up. All I need to do tomorrow morning, is throw the bikes on the rook rack and throw my bag of civilian clothes in the back.

    I am going to start b heading to Des Moines for the last race in the Iowa State XC Series. The last race is a 8 or so mile time trail. This wil be my 2nd race this year under the 12 hour mark. I am not going to know what to do. Anyway.....it's a 8 mile loop through the ghetto of Des Moines by the Des Moines river. This race has a ton of shwag and other prizes with a high bling-bling factor. I figure I might as well go down and support the local series and open up the legs a bit. After the race I plan on staying in Des Moines before departing for Mars.....I mean Moab, on Monday in the AM.

    That's about it for today. Nothing really exciting to write about. I spent all day working at the shop. It wasn't an overly crazy day, so I was able to essemble ALL the 20" BMX bikes (you're welcome Guitar Ted and Carlos). Below is a list of questions customers asked today....keep in mind the name of the shop is Europa Cycle and Ski

    Question 1: Do you have 2lb ankle weights in stock?
    Question 2: Where are your soccer balls?
    Question 3: Do you have any more of those yellow friendship bands?

    I also picked up a new sponsor....."Sponsored by Mark" Thanks Mark! Hope all that stuff you picked up from me works.

    OK, no more rambling.......I am OUT!

    I wonder what Dirtam is doing?